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New Stuff: 9/1/09:  New camera mount instaled.  3/25/09:  We are road legal - plate received and installed.    9/4/08:  Lots of nearly new parts for sale.    8/28/08:   Major upgrade of website.....  4/13/08:   Inner fender wells added, inner door skins, door trim, etc. .....1/10/08:   louvers and radiator airbox aluminum mounted.......  1/4/08:   LeMans Gas cap . filling system installed     1/13/08:  Added Trim section to document all the shiny stuff... 11/12/07:   Added a section for Cobra Owners that visit the Legacy Garage. .... 11/4/07:  Added Google Ads: 10/15/07:  added ignition wiring diagram....8/22/07:  Finished polished aluminum hood liner.  7/15/07:  Hot Air Balloon lands in front of our house (see video section) .......6/22/07:  For Sale Section added   4/22/07:  Carpet installed.    4/1/07:   Sprayed Rims.    3/24/07:   Made transmisson cover    3/05/07 - The Engine Starts......     2/19/07:  Cooling Section Completed    2/10/07:  Heat Control Section added.   2/7/07:  Noise Control section added + seat track installation section:    1/17/07:  Significant additon to wiring section.  12/15/06:   Added Cobra discussion forum link.....11/18/06:    Jessica test drives the Cobra      8/14/06:    updated electircal and dash sections   5/22/06:     added Garage Pets Section   5/15/06:   started Electrical Section   4/16/06:   added Connor on Welding section .....2/23/06 Comment section is working again.....2/21/06 Dash Section added...  2/13/06 Sheet Metal Section added  ......10/18/05... Cecil's 75th B-Day celebration....9/15/05... Updated brakes, fuel system, helpful tools and test driver section. 

News Flash 9-01-09

The new camera mount is designed, fabricated, polished, installed and ready for in car video



For those of you who don't know me I enjoy mechanical stuff.  I grew up with a small machine shop at home and a Dad who could fix & build just about anything.   When I turned 14 I began the restoration of my first car - a 1968 302 Mustang.   I went on to restore a 67 Firebird Convertible (400 ....4-Speed) and along the way helped friends with other interesting toys.... John's 67 Firebird stuffed with a 454,  Adam's beautiful 68 327 Camaro and an early seventies Corvette.      

For many years my auto passion sat idle but in the summer of 2002, I purchased a rolling FFR MKI chassis (#1379) from a friend.    This is where my website begins.   It is not my intent to document every detail of the build but instead to highlight my progress and hopefully provide ideas for others considering similar builds. 

My build probably started like others who purchased a semi-finished car.  I was a little reluctant to touch anything that was already done but at the same time I felt compelled to verify that the components were assembled correctly.     Even though everything was sound, I wanted to do it better.    Basically.... I wanted to do it my way.    So...I tore it down to the frame and started over.   I hope you enjoy my build.


Guiding Principals:

The original owner (also Kevin) made his purchase decisions based on three guiding principals: 

1) do the parts offer a "period" look? 

2) would the parts add mass?

3) would the parts improve performance?

These principals drove such decisions as purchasing aluminum heads, switching to carburetion, Team III rims, aftermarket control arms, manual steering & brakes, no heater, etc.    I share the same principals except I have added safety as a 4th factor.   Ultimately my Cobra will be completed using best practices engineering and high quality parts.   I would like to say that it will be built without concern for cost but clearly this is not my objective.    This build will  be upper middle class ....with lots of sweat, a few abrasions and plenty of respect.